30 June 2009


the story begins..hahaha..actually tis race event was a big history in my life..1st time ever joined
21.097 km race...wow!! i cant tell u how happy i am when tis race wanna start,from last week..i da xsabar..hahaha...27th June(saturday),im not slept at all...wat am i doing whole day??going skool bcoz of jamuan perpisahan for ustazah siti aida until 2.30 pm.after that,balik rumah,change clothes n rush to the uitm to b hockey ball picker.nasa ajak.the game at uiam..so,naik bas go uiam..the game delayed bcos of rain heavily + lightning.sampai rumah at 8.30 pm.rest for a while.den went kenduri infront of my hse n lastly lepak cc until 3.00 am.after that,balik rumah terus bersiap.huh!!!tired..

sampai uitm quite early tis time..hehehe..c many ppl dat long time nvr c at pusat sukan like din,nazrul,nasrul,alwi,falah,azrey,mun,ruby,kak ecah n many more la..hahahaha...sampai dataran merdeka at 5 sumting..get ready for the race seyh..i jz do a lil warm-up oni..(nervous) + (no training)...hehehe..cum on..go to the starting point..with sum of URC members then mr.syah went to the front...folo him,folo him..hahaha..when the race start d..i made a mistake there which is i wrongly push button at mymp3..i push recording button..hahaha..i suda lepas garisan permulaan...wtf...i stop n try to let it in the songs mode..lastly baru tukar..hehehe..loss a lot of time ther..haiz..siot tul.

woah!!!many ppl la...here n ther..here n ther...jammed!!! 1st songs..Kris allen-no boundaries,ran with tat song give me semangat...push to the 90%..hahaha(if 100%,sure pecah urat kaki).jumpa si fifi..hye2,huhu,bye2..run run run..2km...WOW!! sufinah from back,cut me.IMPRESSIVE!!! hey2..dun go so fast tat early my fren...manage to folo her bout 2-3km b4 she tinggalkan me..huhu..how cud her ran so fast...nvm,the race mz b goes on smoothly..sddnly,a min later..my abdomen goes wrong.left side berdenyut at 6km..okkk okkk!!im slowing down...run run run run...ow ow!!! dat denyut2 moved to right side la bout 2km after tat scary ting at the left side of my abdomen..maintain my man,maintain..miracle happened..tat ting hilang when i reached 9km.yeah!!mve forward..MORE power..hahaha..

hey,goin through to the distance of 10k..i got sum energy from entah mana ntah dat made me run more fast...(oways happened)..actually..my legs reli hurt tat time but i said to myself nvr walk or stop..ouh ouh!!i still rmmber..diz time i listened to munchausen by proxy song in YESMAN movie..so catchy la...i run n sang deeply in my heart...hahaha.i looked my watch...wahhh!!lama da lari kat road nie...i saw sum1 with URC shirt,ingtkn nasrul,then when i took over him..WHAT???asif??how it can be..huh!patutlah,he's not well...pity him..run run run..falah hye me n cut me.huhu.im shocked!!!infront of me,i c sufinah..she tired d...she loss alot of energy kut..hehe..manage to took over her back...bye2 sufinah..run n menikmati keindahan kuala lumpur..wakaka..lalu highway 2..hahaha..then i saw nasa n he oso like start to slow down his pace...im still focus in my run...near to reach the end d..huhuhu..in my head,i tink dat i gonna miss dis ting..seronok sangat...

finally,i reach the end at dataran merdeka..my legs shaking...tis is the results of mine...

Net Start:06:13:32
Category:Half Marathon 21km
Net Time:01:57:36
Finish Timing:01:58:07.04

waaa...mission accomplished! i wanna finish it b4 2hours time..i managed to did it...after tis i will join SIEMENS RUN 10KM n ADIDAS KING OF THE ROAD 22KM...i hope i can reach finish line b4 2jam in ADIDAS KOTR...hopefully...