14 August 2009

Coming Ramadhan

salam satu malaysia

haha..frst time guna ayat gini...asyik terdengar jerr..satu malysia,satu mlaysia..nk rasa sekali laa..ada semangat bulan 8 sikit...hehe..hmm,sudah mahu puasa lah..nampaknya,segala aktiviti yang menggunakan tenaga perlu dikurangkan/dihentikan termasuklah berlari,futsal,ape2 jer..

baru sembuh dari demam yg tak terlalu panas dan lama.alhamdulillah.batuk pun dah kurang.selesema pun dah hilang.satu minggu tak boleh nak beriadah.asyik terlantar kat katil sebab pening.so,sebelum percubaan pada minggu depan.weekends ni nak jogging kat tasik tapi slow2 je ar.tak larat untuk terlalu laju.

baiklah.itu saje la kowwtt.

kepada semua umat Islam di dunia,Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak (puasa jangan x puasa).

3 August 2009

2th August 2009 (Adidas King of The Road)


wat a late ulasan from me about wat happened yday event...hmm,isnt it cos of malas?? haha..
actuali not bcos of malas..but i currently no mood to update...suddenly,now..i feels like ready enough to tell anything tat i remember in my 22 KM journey..hahaha.

post today will no hv any picture sorry,lack of pics,later update bout pics pulak..err..ok,i'll start ah.first of all,i with my habit..not goin to sleep b4 the race start...so,wat i did?hang out wit my fren then goin eat at 2.30am,nyum3..balik rumah at 3.30am,bersiap.goin fetch my fren at his house since he also joined tis race..so,reach UITM at 5.45am.goin stadium SHAH ALAM wit UITM RUNNERS CLUB(URC) le.off like 6++am like tat.

waaa liao!! race start 6.30am,we all just goin off at 6.05am like tat.i think the same thing like wat happened on Larian Amal Seri Sinar will happen again..yeah!wat i tink reli happened.we reach there bout 3minutes after the race started,tat was 6.30am.i quickly ran to start position but the organiser said must take rubber band(getah tangan) i think from the registration place.i'll search for tat place wit sukha,b4 only wit sukha,actually i n sukha wit nasrul also,sddnly he hilang n go to that place without telling us.luckily,finally!!! i found tat registration place.i quickly take tat 1st tingy ting at there n start my race.WHAT THE!!! about 10 minutes i back from the big group of my category.nvm laa.just a race right??for fun wat..hahaha.

hmm,i ran like crazy people d.ALONE!!!!! fizi jz reach at the registration place when i wanna start..SO LATE than me.he still said tis to me"hariz,tunggu aku!!!"..hahaha..sorry kawan.i wan 2 run wit u but i nue if i start wit him..confirm tengah jalan nanti,he will tinggalkan me.okaeyh!only me on the road when i started,i dunno my members who start n who not.first roundabot,i can c one fellow infront of me.hehe..THANK GOD!! btw,the marshall there said tis to me"lelaki terakhir,lelaki terakhir".hahaha..he didnt nue tat gt 2-3 person mur tat nvr start de race yet.i quite sombong for tis early race.my first mission,catch up the big grup.

waaa..quite fast my pace..im scared d if i fastly exhausted or pengsan but dont nue la..i reli wanna chase all ppl infront of me..hmm,1-2 KM,i saw nasrul n pahmi..WOW!! they started b4 me..i ask them to follow me but they two said the same ting"pergi,pergi"..ok,i'll go :(.

finally,i joined the big grup d after cuts alot of ppl but..i joined the back of the big grup..nvm laa..hmm,4-5 KM,my body fils uneasy..my weak abdomen start to cramp d..ouch!! so pain..actually,i can tahan tis ting but tis time,cant..so,i walked...walk for a few steps then mr.aizzudin came from behind..he ask me y?i answer him wit my situation.hmm,im ok after that n sambung back my journey..go run wit aizzudin..hehe..run punya run bout 1-2 KM,here come mr. fizi.WOW!! the latecomers sudah sampai..so fast..he tarik me n aizzudin folo his pace.grr!!,okk arr..i follow.i thought wanna finish tis race wit him but then later..i did sum stupid ting..i go increase my speed n tinggalkan him..aiyaa..kesannya later k..run alone again..i saw ms. ecah..hehe..she quiet fast arr..hmm,then potong her d n i put up mur speed..arrgghh!! big mistake again..i dunno y i oways wanna go fast on tis event?.i mean put up speed so early..

kesannya..jengX3..my legs wanna cabut d..owh,my legs reli panas..berat..all i fil...i stop for 2x i tink..mr. fizi pun pecut me back d..hmm,then i lari balik..run run run..i run wit fizi back...i thought im the oni person tat fils uneasy.rupa-rupanya he oso same wit me.he can jerit summore"lutut,lutut,tahan untuk sikit masa lagi k"..haha..i laughed d la..

we run together until the gate of stadium shah alam.hmm,we still jerit2 like so pain..actuali saje2 wanna jerit..hehehe..after the gate of stadium..i ran alone n put up mur speed bcos of i watch my timer n its wanna hampir 2 hours time d...lastly,i reached the finish line.tis is my results.

TIMING:1 hour 59 minutes 11 seconds (2 hours 9 minutes if plus 10 minutes)

hmm,i accomplished my mission.wan 2 finish it b4 2 hours time..yeay!!! but my legs cramped..all urat tegang..hahaha..tats all k.after tat raining..main hujan..YEAH!!! den goin back UITM.
nice event n tata ^^

1 August 2009

Adidas King of The Road about 2 hours 30 minit more..

all preparation for tis coming event..ready..

2)bib number
4)drinking water
5)all stuffs..

i hope i can do all what i can to achieve my goal..(2 hours time)
cant wait.. ^^