25 March 2009

++Resting and Sadness++


huh..2day story about im losing in 1500m yesterday evening..its not just tat,my place for tat event also not tat gud.i gt 7th places from 12 participants.haizz.tis 1500m also nt my favourite event.my mental so down bcos my hamstring menyakitkan.my friend said is\ shud take a rest at least 2weeks b4 start run back.really sad la.but i think better i rest.jalan pun terincut-incut.

hmm,2ml mayb just come but cant run for 100m.sukantara for adding the marks to my sport house.btw,if my legs ok.next week,when the sukan day.i will enter the 4X100 and 4X400 secara haram.lantaklah cikgu nak cakap apa.my last sports day b4 i go out from the skool.haizz.my legs really annoying(first time i had tis situation).hmm,mayb bcos of i had the ketuk ketampi 100x last monday as a denda plus my legs memang dah tengah bengkak made tat ketegangan makin tegang.haizz.

datz all :(


23 March 2009


salam n gud evening..

huh..nt much 2 say bout 2day..like reli wan 2 start back the last 2weeks day.hmm,i noe tat i will b shot(kena sound) wit teacher tis morning bcos of my test marks but nvr feel until wat i kena tis morning.

b4 i kena sound wit teacher,i did my job(pengawas) as MC(jurucakap) 2day since 2day gt perhimpunan.hm,the mic not very gud..err..not so clear la.really frustfrated bout it n i just like to shout la.haha.pagi2 da rosak.then,the marah2 tat i kena from teacher.my mistake also.less study(xstudy kot).

i just feel like wanna crying bcos from my eyes n wat i felt when she scolded me tis morning.it showing like she reli hope i can get much better than tat.until she ask me to see counselor.haizz..i will fight my laziness.all wat teacher said bout syaitan ganggu reli true.i will FIGHT them!!!

2/4 my disaster happend tat morning.then after rehat,i dikejutkan lagi dengan sukan tahunan event.WAT!!!teacher nt list me inside 100m,200m,4X100m, n 4X400m???she listed me to take part in tarik tali n 1500m(aq xsuke acara2 nie).tis ting tat made me reli pissed off.she rarely go training.oopss!!NEVER!!!then,she just give tat job to form 4 students(bkn kat pengerusi atau ikut list sape yg datang training).haizz.

so,i thought can change.i went 2skul tat evening.then,last disaster happened 2me.da lah my legs injured n shud rest.i came bcos of my semangat.tat disaster was the name tat given by teacher cant b change.haizz..geram gle.i wasted my time,energy,100m,200m.cant change!!!y???they tink wat...skul sports day like olympic ahh?? grrr.... my mud nt tat gud le..SUKAN TAHUNAN FINISH D FOR ME..1500metre jz run la wit my legs tat reli annoying.DISASTER!!!




last sunday,
i had running training at UITM shah alam wit my illegal running club(UITM RUNNERS CLUB).
actualy my legs agak sakit but my passion more than it.so,i tetap goin to training.started 7.20am like tat,we(about 12 person) ran for two laps.1st lap,ran in the group.2nd lap,ran with your own flow.so,nthg much 2say bout grouping run(lari agak lama).haha.

hm,we rest for 2mins then start back to run but through the bukit tonggek from the starting point.WHOA!!i tink i want to run at there oways.really painful but good.i walked to climb it.my legs shivering oredi.my kata hati said 2 stop run n walk.after reli bersusah payah climb it.i just ran ikut my energy.hm,not push it too hard.my mental was down but my mission to catch up hafizi.

all the way,i just at his back onli but i noe he nvr push over so much since he gt 4X400 event after tat(die menang emas lagi 2).hm,yeah!i catched him back d but then very slow at last minute cos my legs da terasa da pain gle.my timing around 23mins.

1)muz strengthen my legs,my legs so weak.
2)cant run oways,my legs injured d.
3)my speed so slow,takleh nk fight kat bukit tonggek lgsung.

my tahap still not improve.i still nid 2 train more harder esp to muscle up my legs.but all tis i will not touch so much since my stpm more important than tis.so,just focusing on my endurance only(20KM SC KL).datz all


15 March 2009

Larian Amal Seri Sinar (15/03/09)

im tired after the race...

salam n moninx..

not much i can say bout tis race bcos of suddenly i lost abit of my memory bout it..haha.hmm,i arrived at pusat sukan uitm 5.40,haiz..overslip again.next time muz b mur discipline 2 cum earlier.haizz.dipendekkan cerita,we all bergerak from uitm at 6.15 i think.den we stop at toll plaza to do our duty as muslim(solat).after all people solat d.we teruskan our journey to the bukit jalil.the sad ting bout tis race is we all came late.haiz.we reach there at 7.06 am.the race started 6minutes d.OMG!!!i reli shocked when mr.zuddin,nazrul n mr.daud suddenly ran fastly.luckily i prepared myself in the bus.i jz throw my bag to the side n follow them.

so,wat we can c infront of us was jz the road with no other participants.haiz.nevermind la.if start earlier also,still mr.kenyan will win tis race n yeah.they did it.i more focus on my time finish.so,i tried to follow hafizi,asif,daud n nasa but my pace nt tat fast bcos my legs not burning yet.i saw mr.zuddin at the first place.hmm,so early he start.den my unlucky running day started when my tali kasut loose.shoooot!the race jz started n tis ting happened.reli annoying but i nvr stop 2 tie it back.so,im focus back to my pace n when i looked to the front.daud,asif,nasa n hafizi gone d.WAT!!??cant follow them already.huhu.very sad.

after tat time,i can see many of participants already.hmm,one by one i cut.ARGGHH!!!bukit di hadapan.but i nvr slow down my pace.i fasten up more my pace.haha.easily i climbed tis bukit.right side,right side(tempat memotong).hua3.hmm,then the road goes flat.hmm,mr. falah n mr.azrey also mr.lamak(kamal) cutted me.WAH!!tat time i feel really happy.at last,i gt someone to follow their pace.we always cut each other.haha.a lot of people we cut n really fun doing tis.i looked my watch.hmm,so slow..i cant complete my big mission already..with my tali kasut loose,i ran ran ran.the 2nd unlucky ting in tis race happen 2me.i noe i can run more fast then tis but my right abdomen buat hal.haiz..2KM more tis race will finish.i cant help to overcome tis.so,i slow down my pace.tis time mr.falah n mr.azrey goes left me already.i tried to follow them with tis condition but the paining tat i feel really made me stop.after resting myself bout 1 to 2minutes.i start back to ran slowly.i nt think about time already,i jz wan 2 finish tis race safely.

100 metre to finish(sempat berborak ngan abang ni)

hmm,just ran until finish it.my time was 51:01(not official) n placing 101.i really frustfrated wat happened 2day.not bcos of came late but bcos of my discipline probs b4 the race.i nvr look out my shoes b4 start.then,i drank a lot of water in the bus.haiz.maybe tis ting made my right abdomen felt uneasy.IF i look over all of tis,maybe my time can be shorten.my big mission to time at 45minutes goes to failure here but failing will make us more passion to get wat we want.next time,next time..train more harder!!!

some of the pics:

after the race...pics,pics,pics.



toink2...all acts cool..

WOAHH!! funn oohh..

datz all about tis LARIAN AMAL SERI SINAR...



14 March 2009

15/03/09: TIME-00:30

salam to all!

hmm,tomorrow as usual..i gt running event..10km at bukit jalil..the vest tat i will wear for tis race is size S girl.haha.soo fit..hmm,nt train very well as i jz noe new technique from. mr.syah.he said dat tis technique will reduce the pain at ur legs when u run.tried tis technique for 2days onli.hope can do well 2morrow.insyaALLAH!

im sorry if i gt hurts someone heart.feel ashamed wit myself bcos nt do wat i promise.haiz.i overslip yesterday.so,missed the time dat i promised n miss the bus to follow the runnersclub go telekom.haiz.sorry to pjart n fifi cos nt fullfil my promise to u two as i gt promise them sumting.alot of sorry!very3 sorry.

nw,2.30am.stil nt slip yet.im afraid if i overslip like yday.so,jz prepare anyting tat i cud.not eat banana for a very long time.after tis go to mamak n ask banana la.haha.hmm,nt very much i can target for 2molo.as long as i finish without anything happen is my small mission.my big mission is to finish at 45minutes.insyaALLAH i can do it.


datz o..take care all!


10 March 2009


Salam and gudnite to all!

first of all,i write tis topic for tell sumthing about wat happens 2me whole day.pagi,like normal.go to skul wit my yamaha lagenda ZR.2day gt microeconomy n pengajian am 2 papers.since i felt asleep yesterday.nt read anything at all.as my laziness still veil myself,i think 2day n the day will come for my studies is terrible.nvm,its my fault.maybe my illness nt recover yet.sum1 said dat to me.haha.2moro paper are pengajian am 1 n sejarah 2.just do onli la.

unlucky day for me 2day started when i washed my yamaha lagenda ZR,suddenly raining la.haiz.tis situation made me act fast 2 cover off my motorcycle from it.i juz washed it as for 3weeks d i nvr wash my yamaha lagenda ZR.haha.1 unlucky moment i tell d.

2nd unlucky tings dat happened 2me 2day were nearly 2 accidents for 2x.sumting tat really scared me la.1st incident happen near section23 at 6.05p.m.. gt tis one car suddenly wanted 2 turn from the right road to the leftside without signal light.after tat fellow wan to change side,tat time he/she started to on his/her signal.haiz.i fastly press my brakes until my back tyres spinning here and there because of wet road.1mur incident tat made me almost to have accident was at UITM road.tis incident happened because of my fault.dun want to tell bout tis la.

lastly,my unlucky day closed wit drove my motorcycle on the road when raining suddenly appeared.haha.from Section 2 until Sri Muda.wetting my new balance shoes.huhu.really sad.dats all for my 3/4 unlucky day.kah3.

2day i ran about 30mins n dunno hw many rounds i managed to ran.after tat pjart belanja me big apple alien.thank u very much!sedaaap gle.
hmm,about running schedule dat hopefully i will follow it,i think i wanna change abit of it.i think i wan 2 run for 40mins per day.if im healthy la.datz all for 2day.for who wan 2noe y i love 2run,try to run slowly (slow jog)for 10mins then u will noe y i love to run.hehe.


next topic:y suddenly i wan 2run everyday??

8 March 2009


Salam and hello to all!

hmm..today wanna tell bout running around uitm for 2laps..1st lap,the men route in melati run n2nd lap,women route in melati run..wat's so special about tis training is we ran with same pace for the 1st lap n using our own pace for the 2nd lap.the distance for this two laps with the uphill road is 9.5km.

some pictures at there:

my shoe that i wear for this training"saucony A2"

from left up:fizi,zudin,ahmad; down:sufi,hariz,awin,nasrul

we started 2 run at 6sumting.i came 5.45pm(biasa la janji melayu).hmm,after tat warm-up n then POMP!!!start tis training la.hehe.follow only grouping pace n my tali kasut 2times loose n was pulled out.haiz.2times heard ppl warn me bout it."riz,tali kasut ko 2".haha.run n run n run,together we run.then 100meter for the 1st lap will finish.i tried to train my speed.hmm,not bad.then,stop for a 2mins at the place we started n after tat continue 2 run for the 2nd lap.

hmm.actualy the starting of this route was one long uphill road.eventhough its look like so easy to pass through it but dont judge the book by its cover.many of my energy loss at there only.so,my pace not that gud.when i heard ms.sufi said she cant endure herself at hill too long and must speed at hill so the suffer will fastly gone.i think tat was a really good startegy.we wan 2 fight our -ve thinking when run over the uphill with controlling telling our mind tat we must b fast at the hill so the suffer tat we feel will fastly gone.thanks!i will try tis new ting for me.i oways feel -ve when fronting the hill until im afraid to maintain my pace but slow down my pace.

2nd lap after the front gate of uitm.the leader group far a way infront of me and at my back is mr.zuddin.i started to used my own pace when ran over the 2nd hill.at this hill,i try to catch up fizi and nasrul as they're far away infront of me.go hariz!!i challenged myself to overcome my probs wit hill.really suffering man!!the route tat i passed after tat was flat and i cant help myself to control it anymore.i try to speed once again.run..run..run.finally,i sampai at the place we start and my time for today training is 52mins 07sec.ok2 la...we all doin cool down after tat n snapping some pics.hehe.datz o kot.tq n tc.


1 March 2009



today story is about Melati run in UITM SHAH ALAM.haha.in this race,I used my fren name who is nw studying over there.so,my name is MOHD NAZRUL AGOS.ngehX3.Actuali i quite afraid 2 join tis race bcos of im nt a uitm shah alam student but my legs striving everyday to wear a shoe n run..hehe.

erm,2day terbangun lambat la.haiz.then,sakit perut la plak.so,arrived late there.tq to pjart cos helped me go 2 the registration place.bla bla bla.i used my fren name la 2 gt the bib number.i gave pisang tat i will try 2 bring whenever gt event 2 farid n let themselves take it for who like pisang.PISANG pun habis(after race).ahakz!

after that we did senamrobik n a lil warm-up.huhu.then,race start n first killing hill waiting infront(bukit tonggek).tis bukit tonggek made me fil really tension n let me noe tat i nid more continuosly training wit hills training n watever tat can help me fil better when i run over the hills.okeyh.my self-confidence suddenly goes really down n o the pains started to haunted my mind.fight it..fight it..fight it..at last reach the top n after tat the road tat i pass through were goes down the hills.the part tat i totally fil like flying.hehe.

haiz.pass by the infront gate of uitm,i noe after tat wil gt 1 long crazy hill.my low self-confidence once again overwhelmed myself.fuh!tis tough hill made many runners left me behind so far.i dunno wher all my spirit gone to fight tis.im slowing down my pace n too cautious bout my breathing n afraid if i will stop bcos of tak tahan lagi.mr.aizzudin,ms.sufinah n many runners more cut me easily at tat hill.haiz.i tink im too relax,nt alot of mind-fight occured.after struggled with the long hills,the road extremely was slope n sumtimes get down the hill.hehe.on the top of the hills,many runners mostly walking already.

i nvr stop.even with slow jog,i still run wit non-stop.hmm..i think tat time my legs started to'panas'.i can feel it.i increase my pace speed bcos i noe all the way after tat only flat road.i saw mr.aizzudin ahead of me but really far away.so,my mission now is to go near mr.aizzudin.kekeke.run...run...run...at last,at the marching field,i gathered up wit mr.aizzudin n after the lencongan.i managed to cut him n he said tis to me"teruskan berlari hariz,banggakan kelab".kekeke.but after that i nvr see any other guys infront of me.so,im slowing down back n menikmati keindahan uitm diwaktu pagi.haha.run..run..run..i saw the sign of melati run penamat n the arrow showed to the right.the marshall at there said"ke depan dik,penanda ni dah salah ni".so,i ran forward together with mr.aizzudin.50metre b4 the finish line(which is i dunno there the finish line),aizzudin suddenly cut me n im shocked n wondering y he dare 2 cut me..at last,i baru perasan kat depan 2 penamat.wat else i nid 2 do.sprint la n try to cut him back.

wat happens next was 1cm b4 the finish line,i grabbed the placing number first b4 mr.aizzudin.kahX3.tis ting bcame reli funny after tat.wat i gt.i gt 10th placing.dapat la cenderamata n rm10.ALHAMDULILLAH!datz o i tink.the lessons i gt from tis race is i muz strengthen up my legs so i will nt fill easily tired when pulling myself to the top of the hills..i muz do much training at hills so my mind-setting when run over the hill will maintain high n positive.hmm..its okay la for tis event.the timing nt tat gud.i noe i can do better than tis.i learned tat im too aware wit my ability.datz y i oways slowing down my pace.i will try to solve tis innerside probs.always passion first before ability.IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!!