26 July 2009

my F5..ouh my F5...


im kinda sad now after my Adidas F5 shoe ......... T.T
dunwan say it..i jz oni used it for 8months...y my shoe,y?? huhu..
it seems like i hv to upgrade F5 to F10 after tis..hehe...maybe after raya..perhaps..

hmm..one week to go b4 Adidas KOTR.. haizz.. i miss tis whole week to fit myself bcos of my
legs seriously bengkak here n there...this is o about 'FUTSAL'..sorry guys(who pernah collide wit me).im abit pissed off wit ma self tis week.so,played wif langgar any1 here n there..

conclusion,ma legs bengkak here n there..nvr mind.biasa oredi.haha..today i played futsal wit ma saucony shoe.crazy aite.actually dun wan 2 play but sum1 ajak me n haiz..play oni la..not nice play futsal wit saucony shoe..terrible(experiment).. hahaha.

ok la.2molo got july test.so,bye2. ^^


zuddin said...

hebat seyh main futsal pakai running shoes.. huhu..
all the best for adidas.. 22km kan? ;)

SheRise said...

i dunno how to find your another blog T.T